Jewish Guide to the Mysterious

Modern science is the most accurate lens of reality that humanity has developed so far. Science is crucial to humanitys health, safety, and development. Still, the lens of science only sees a thin slice of the totality of existence. Much of the human experience cannot be simply explained by standard quantifiable tests. Throughout various periods of history and various cultures and societies, people have been interested in the mysterious and the paranormal. This yearning is rooted in the souls search for true spirituality.

A Jewish Guide to the Mysterious, written by one of contemporary Judaisms leading scholars and teachers, clearly explains classic Torah views on intriguing phenomena, such as dreams, astrology, time travel, alien life, reincarnation, ESP and auras, angels, demons, ghosts, and even such topics as the lost city of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. Read this fascinating book and be amazed.

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